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Education resources & support

A range of professional resources to support best practice in both diabetes education and professional practice.

Professional & clinical practice

Diabetes Manual

This manual is a comprehensive collection of diabetes care and practice materials for health units and health professionals.

Healthy Eating & Diabetes: A guide for Aged Care Facilities

The 2012 edition of the Guide provides information and resources to support an evidence based approach to healthy eating and diabetes in aged care.

Supporting children with type 1 diabetes in Department for Education and Children Development (DECD) services

A set of resources that have been developed to guide and support diabetes educators in their work with supporting children, families and teachers. They have been designed to be used by diabetes educators who are competent in the area of paediatric type 1 diabetes.

Teaching and learning

Diabetes Self Care Program (for consumer education)

Using the ADEA 7 Steps to Success framework, this program offers health professionals an interactive and activity based teaching program that can used in individual and group education sessions. If you would like to find out more about the program including how to access the materials please contact us on 8226 7168.

Resources for patient education

Factsheets and web links on a range of topic areas to support patient teaching.

Diabetes dictionary

A list of common terms and their meaning.

Health service support

We are in the process of developing a package to support the work of diabetes educators. For further information on what resources are available please phone us on 8226 7168.